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Bled Strategic Forum (BSF)

A leading conference in Central and South East Europe, the annual Bled Strategic Forum provides the needed high-level platform for discussion of pressing regional and global issues. Attracting over 500 participants, including heads of state and government, ministers, diplomats, representatives of the business sphere, scholars and the media from the entire world, the forum also offers a unique opportunity for bilateral and multilateral meetings with the foremost regional and global stakeholders and a possibility for extensive networking between political and business leaders of today.

Business Bled Strategic Forum (Business BSF)

Offering a platform for cooperation between the public and private sectors, and with a diverse range of themes and topical discussions on business opportunities and economic cooperation, the Business BSF follows the interests of Slovenian, European and global businesses.

Young Bled Strategic Forum (Young BSF)

The Young BSF has become a unique meeting place for a diverse array of young leaders, offering them a platform to share their visions, exchange ideas and network with their peers, prominent diplomats, politicians, academics and entrepreneurs from around the world. Each year, it features a select group of young leaders, who engage in interactive dialogue on pressing issues, and addresses inventive approaches to promoting change and meeting complex challenges. As a generator of ideas and creative solutions, the Young BSF has become an engine of change.

2016 Discussions

Leaders' Panel

Water Risks in Global Perspectives

European Union: Integration vs. Disintegration

Energy Geopolitics

Human Security: You and I Matter

Reinventing European Security

Western Balkans: is the EU still a pull factor?

Digital Transformation

Smart Cities and Cognitive Communities

Mobility and the Future of Automotive Industry

Security and Sustainability in Tourism

Night Owl Session – Ordinary radical(s): In Search of a Meaningful Response

Hidden Dimensions – The Key Disruption of the Future
Hidden Dimensions – Terrorism and the Media: An Uneasy Relationship

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  • The Bled Forum is so much more than ‘Davos in the Balkans’. It is more intimate, more open and more committed to the European dimension. I have learnt a lot, especially regarding international law. And the lake beats the mountains!
    ― Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times, United Kingdom ―
  • As Bled is one of the symbols of Slovenia, the Bled Strategic Forum is a symbol for communication of the regional agenda and a manifestation of sound partnerships and collaborations.
    — Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport —
  • We have been sharing and promoting inspiring and important ideas for future sustainable development around the world with the Bled Strategic Forum. Bled points out what moves the world outside the corporate walls and what we, as a Corporate Citizen, have to consider in our daily business.
    ― Thomas Becker, Vice-President of Governmental and External Affairs, BMW Group, Germany ―
  • Congratulations, Slovenia! The Bled Strategic Forum has developed into a high-level and meaningful platform for the search for solutions to the most pressing topics on the international agenda.
    — Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg —
  • Bled brings together a unique combination that is truly one-of-a-kind in the world today. In the heart of Europe, close to Africa and right between Asia and America, Bled bridges and deeply connects the world together like no other place on the planet. Truly the ideal location to discuss our most pressing global issues.
    — Patrick D. Cowden, Founder of Beyond Leadership, Germany —
  • The Bled Strategic Forum was a great opportunity for MORE to exchange face-to-face with some key actors in the ongoing saga of TTIP, in the beautiful and rarefied atmosphere of an Alpine lake setting in Slovenia.
    — Richard Jean Elsner, Founder of MORE project GmbH, Germany —
  • There can be no better place for discussions on global challenges than the beautiful shores of Lake Bled. A fantastic atmosphere where insightful people find common ground on the main issues of our time.
    — Erik Gudbrand Solheim, Chair of the Development Assistance Committee, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development —
  • The often overwhelming number of pressing global and regional issues demand examination, scrutiny and debate at the highest levels. The Bled Strategic Forum has shown how convening the top levels of political players and experts can swiftly earn a reputation as one of the best in a crowded conference market.
    — Nik Gowing, International Broadcaster and Visiting Professor, King’s College, London, United Kingdom —
  • Bled is a unique place to discuss pressing global issues among policymakers, business and civil society, especially with a perspective from the southeast of Europe.
    — Lutz Guellner, Head of Unit for Information, Communication and Civil Society, Directorate General for Trade, European Commission —
  • The Bled Strategic Forum is an impressive gathering of decision-makers and experts, and I truly appreciate the fact that international criminal justice features so strongly on the Forum’s agenda every year.
    — Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, President of the International Criminal Court —
  • Slovenia deftly illustrates how a small country can be big in promoting the rule of law, by consistently having a high-level panel on fighting impunity at the Bled Strategic Forum.
    — Lousewies van der Laan, Independent Advisor on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, Slovenia —
  • Surrounded by a picturesque lake, with a medieval castle nestled on a cliff above, Bled is a remedy where ‘healing’ hot global issues ble(n)ds well with local calm and tranquillity. This forum simply delivers!
    — Miroslav Lajčák, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic —
  • Bled, with its special setting and atmosphere, is an inspiring place for open, frank and fruitful discussions which go beyond our everyday business.
    — Michael Roth MP, Minister of State for Europe, Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany —
  • The Bled Strategic Forum is a global event where the key questions are asked and the essential answers from the primary sources are received.
    — Alexandre Sidorenko, Global Ambassador for HelpAge International —
  • Inspirational debate on the current trends in transport infrastructure and the excellent company of leaders from both the public and private sectors: Bled is a unique example that connecting people and places makes great sense.
    — Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic —
  • In peaceful, Alpine-blue Bled, I was reminded that if Europe stays true to its values, it will win its future. I will be defending that ideal long after this year’s excellent Strategic Forum.
    — Donald Tusk, President of the European Council —
  • The Bled Strategic Forum is addressing the two really big questions facing all societies: how can we create our future and who is the ‘we’ that will get us there?
    — Angela Wilkinson, Strategic Foresight Counsellor at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development —
  • Bled offers a unique setting for strategic discussions on the most urgent global challenges of our times. Over the last ten years, the Bled Strategic Forum has established itself as a leading international event able to inspire high-level decision-making with innovative and forward-looking thinking to understand the present and shape a better future.
    — Lamberto Zannier, Secretary General of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe —



Bled Strategic Forum - Bled Strategic Forum