Collaborative economy

Tourism Panel

Collaborative economy: opportunity or threat?

The fourth industrial revolution and digitalisation will force us to reprogram our ways of operating. Consumer behaviour is already heavily dependent on access to online networks and data, which is pushing the tourism industry to operate in the context of a new reality. Global supply and demand are more interrelated than at any other point in human history, while modern technological platforms connecting supply and demand are already assuming the roles of accommodation providers, tour operators, taxi drivers, tour guides, and restaurants.

The needs, wishes, and motivations of consumers, which are at the centre of attention from the perspective of designing and marketing tourist products, have changed considerably, and are no longer satisfied with conventional tourist offers.

This year’s tourism panel will discuss the opportunities and threats of collaborative economy, and, in cooperation with experts in the field and partners from the tourism industry, try to find answers to the question of what are the fair rules of the game for all stakeholders in tourism in the existing system and how to establish effective cooperation in the process of reviewing solutions and adaptations at the national level.