European Union in a changed world

Panel Discussion

The European Union in a changed world

The economic and financial crisis, unstable eastern and southern neighbourhoods, migration pressures, and a generally deteriorating security situation, combined with an upsurge in terrorist acts in Europe, have in recent years eroded trust between the Member States and caused a shift in relations between EU institutions. Such developments are occurring at a time when major global players are turning away from multilateralism and considering economic protectionism.

Some Member States advocate the full implementation of the single market, while others shy away from the liberalisation of the single market in services. Developments accompanying the conclusion of agreements with the United States and Canada (i.e. TTIP and CETA, respectively) have spotlighted a plethora of reservations among politicians and the public in various Member States alike.

The world is on the brink of rampant protectionism. Will the European Union be able to consolidate from within and re-establish itself on the global stage as a bastion of multilateralism and free and fair trade?