Global nuclear governance

Panel Discussion

Global nuclear governance: Quo vadis?

The global security situation is more unstable and unpredictable than at the end of the Cold War. The increased tensions are further aggravated by public statements about the possible use and modernisation of nuclear weapons, as well as military exercises that simulate their deployment, including unannounced drills. Developments in other regions around the globe are also a cause for concern.

This new reality calls for more attention to global nuclear governance, and highlights the importance of preserving the integrity of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) and achieving its universality and full implementation. It also shows the need for the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-TestBan Treaty (CTBT) as an important pillar of global security.

Furthermore, efforts to make the world safer and more protected from the nuclear threat are important for the continued peaceful use of atomic energy, while global governance should also be strengthened to keep pace with evolving challenges and threats, including the possibility of cyber attacks against nuclear installations.