Panel Discussion

Innovative Europe – Opportunities for a new breakthrough

5 September, 14.30 – 16.00, Hotel Golf, Concordia Hall

The rapid ongoing digitalisation and technological transformation of the economy and society holds many promises, but also brings disruptions, transforms our societies and the way we live and work, and opens new issues on regulation.

What opportunities arise for Europe in the context of a single digital market and innovation? What are the main obstacles to, and/or catalysts for, a new breakthrough in the field? How does the business sector perceive these opportunities for Europe as a whole? How can we speed up the process of transformation, and what is the role of smaller countries in it?


  • Ms Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport
  • Ms Rumyana Trencheva, Managing Director of SAP South East Europe, Bulgaria
  • Ms Medeja Lončar, CEO and Head of Digital factory in Adriatic region at Siemens Slovenija, Slovenia
  • Mr Sandi Češko, CEO of Studio Moderna, Slovenia
  • Mr Yuri Sidorovich, Managing Partner and Forensic leader for Deloitte’s Adriatic Region at Deloitte Slovenia

Moderator: Ms Martina Merslavič, Coach at Own the Room, Slovenia

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