The role of innovation in a new reality

5 September, 11.00 – 12.30, Hotel Golf, Concordia Hall

The panel will address the role of innovation in its broadest sense. The innovation movement is growing and acquiring global dimensions, and the new reality requires genuine efforts to achieve sustainability. Technological innovations are the most visible and disruptive, but they are insufficient to drive the overall change. However, they can act as a trigger. Transformation in its broadest and real sense entails changing both the mind-set and culture in a particular organisation or society as a whole. For this, social innovations are needed.

What role does innovation play in the new reality and how does it manifest itself? How and to what extent are organisations embracing innovation, and what is the impact of innovation in the light of competitiveness? What are the catalysts for shifting the mind-set from focusing on stability/certainty to experimentation as a constant learning process and recognising the importance of the culture of failure? How can we establish and nurture partnerships between various fields, organisations, and countries? How can we build trust as a prerequisite for successful social innovations and forward-looking optimism? Do we have the ability and courage to step out of our comfort zone and deliver better and more?


  • Mr Boris Koprivnikar, Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Mr Junji Tsuda, Representative Director and Chairman of the Board at Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Japan
  • Mr Michael Lau, Senior Wealth Management Manager at AIA International, China
  • Mr Simon Kaluža, Director SAP CEE at SAP, Slovenia
  • Ms Sirpa Kekkonen, Head of Government Strategy Secretariat at the Prime Minister’s Office, Finland
  • Mr Robert Trnovec, Director General at Microsoft, Slovenia
  • Mr Ranko Jelača, Member of the Management Board of Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia
  • Dr Mark Pleško, Manager at Cosylab, Control System Laboratory, Slovenia

Moderator: Mr Marco Steinberg, Founder and CEO of Snowcone & Haystack, Finland

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